Troop 93
Adult Guides
Adult Guide
Scoutmaster (SM)
*  Provides vision & guidance for troop
* Guides ASMs, communicating often; meets w/SM Team to
discuss program issues
* Delegates duties to ASMs to make this job manageable
* Guides SPL in guiding ASPL in supervising Troop Officers
(Historian, Chaplain Aide, Librarian, Quartermaster, Bugler,
OA Rep, all except Scribe)
* Attends most PLCs, troop meetings, troop outings,
semi-annual TLTs; assigns ASM as Acting SM when
* Holds TLT at his home or asks Committee to schedule it at
troop meeting site
* Attends Committee meetings to report on troop progress
and issues, make requests and answers questions; then
may excuse self to reserve own time for SM Team program
duties and to allow Committee members to discuss
administrative issues
* Keeps informed of Council and District info
* Sets up schedule of self, ASMs or Committee members to
attend monthly District Roundtables
* Trains beyond Basic Leader Training when possible;
encourages ASMs to continue training
May - October : Charlie W.
November - April : Ken I.
Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM)
*  Assists SM
* Attends most PLCs and troop meetings, and several
outings per year
* Helps SM guide PLC
* Helps ASPL guide Scribe in producing accurate, timely PLC
minutes for effective use by PLC
* Publishes semi-annual list of troop and patrol officers
Al S.
Assistant Scoutmaster  (ASM)

PL Guide for Arrowhead Patrol
*  Assists SM.
* Guides PL; promotes members’ participation and
advancement; keeps boys from “falling through the cracks”
* Attends as many troop meetings & outings as possible.
Mike W.
Assistant Scoutmaster  (ASM)

PL Guide for Timberwolf Patrol
*  Assists SM.
* Guides PL; promotes members’ participation and
advancement; keeps boys from “falling through the cracks”
* Attends as many troop meetings & outings as possible.
John P.
Assistant Scoutmaster  (ASM)

PL Guide for Dragons Patrol
*  Assists SM.
* Guides PL; promotes members’ participation and
advancement; keeps boys from “falling through the cracks”
* Works with Troop Guide and Troop Guide's ASM
* Attends as many troop meetings & outings as possible.
Paul C.
Assistant Scoutmaster  (ASM)

PL Guide for Penguins Patrols
*  Assists SM.
* Assists Troop Guide in guiding PL and patrol; promotes
members’ participation & advancement; keeps boys from
“falling through the cracks”   
* Guides Troop Guide to begin by January to recruit and
prepare for new patrol crossing over in March
* Helps find & train an ASM (usu. parent of a New Scout) to
stay with this patrol when no longer New Scouts
* Attends as many troop meetings & outings as possible.
John H. and Tom D.
Troop Committee, Chair
*  Organizes Troop Committee for delegation, coordination,
completion of functions
* Maintains close relationship w/SM & Chartered
Organization Rep.
* Troop Comm. meetings: calls them, prepares agendas,
presides, promotes attendance
* Other: ensures troop rep. at Roundtables (see SM also),
interprets nat’l & local BSA policies to troop, arranges for
annual rechartering
* Reads draft of troop newsletter & other major troop
communications before publishing
Joe S.
Troop Committee, Treasurer
*  Handles troop funds, bank accounts, Council account
* Keeps adequate records (Troop Record Book or
* Supervises finances of money-earning projects, including
proper authorization
* Leads Friends of Scouting campaign
* Supervises camp savings plan (Campership Fund)
* Makes reservations & payments to summer camps
* Manages Adult Reimbursement for Summer Camps funds
* Reports to Troop Committee each meeting
Lynne J.
Troop Committee, Secretary
*  Takes and distributes minutes of Troop Committee
* Reports minutes of previous meeting
* Oversees Troop Newsletter Editor, primarily by reading
draft before publishing, to ensure compliance w/BSA and
troop guidelines
* Handles Committee correspondence e.g. thank you notes
Kristina M.
Troop Committee,
Outdoor/Activities Coordinator
*  Ensures a monthly outdoor program
* Promotes, through family meetings, attendance at troop
campouts, camporees & summer camps
* Facilitates summer camp search
* Helps w/securing permission for camping sites and filling
out tour permits
* Coordinates transportation, incl. auto insurance records
and BSA policies
* Promotes National Camping Award
* Reports to Troop Committee each meeting
* Support training: Unit Administration & Risk Management,
Conducting a Safe Scout Outing
Julie A.
Troop Committee, Advancement
*  Encourages Scouts to advance in rank; suggests to SM
Team ways of promoting advancement
* Records troop advancements (ranks & merit badges)
using Troopmaster & ScoutNet
* Directs Data Recorder to record other data
* Alerts SM Team & Committee to boys who are not
* Ensures adequate number of Boards of Review (working
w/BOR Chair) & 3 annual Courts of Honor
* Purchases & prepares awards for Courts of Honor
* Works with Data Recorder, BOR Chair, Eagle Advisor,
ScoutParents Coord., Merit Badge Counselors List Keeper
* Reports to Troop Committee each meeting
Tina C. and Paul C.
Troop Committee,
Training Coordinator
*  Keeps informed of Council and online training
* Promotes adult training
* Records adult training (Troopmaster available)
* Promotes annual Youth Protection Training for Scouts
* Maintains inventory of up-to-date training materials & info
* Reports to Troop Committee each meeting
Kurt Y.
Troop Committee,
Scout Parent Coordinator
*  Recruits parents to fill Support Task roles (below.)
* Orients new parents to the troop, providing troop binder and
contacting new parents individually
* Reports to Troop Committee each meeting
* Support. Training:  ScoutParents Unit Coordinator Fast
Start OL
Lauren A.
Troop Committee, Equipment
*  Guides Quartermaster in keeping troop gear organized
and in distributing it upon request.
* Guides QM in repair & purchase of equipment
* Brings equipment purchase needs to attention of Troop     
Committee for approval of funding
* Reports to Troop Committee each meeting
James d.
Troop Committee,
Board of Review Chair
*  Schedules & chairs Boards of Review
* Recruits & trains Committee members (and other parents
if necessary) to serve.  “At least 3 and not more than 6
committee members”; BSA policy says no SM/ASM’s, to
prevent conflict of interest
* Reports to Troop Committee at least twice a year
* Supp. training: The Art of Conducting a Board of Review
Allen B.
Troop Committee
* “Floater”: serves wherever needed
Bud H.
Troop Committee, Chaplain
*  Guides Chaplain Aide in preparing & delivering nondenominational
invocations & benedictions for troop meetings & Courts of Honor & in
teaching Scouts various mealtime prayers of thanks
* Adult Guide for Scout Sunday/Sabbath in February
* Promotes regular participation of all in the religious community of his
or her choice
* Encourages Scouts to earn their appropriate religious emblems
* Visits homes of Scouts in times of sickness & need
* Encourages Interfaith Services (formerly Scouts’ Owns) at campouts
(many ideas online)
* Reports to Troop Committee at least twice a year
* Support Training: Conducting an Interfaith Service
Troop Committee, Charter
Organization Representative
*  Liaison with Cypress Community Church
* Invited to attend Troop Committee anytime
* Main contact is Committee Chair
Allen B.
Task Support
Camping & Hiking Trip Participant
*  Will go on 2 or more camping and/or hiking/backbacking trips per
year, assisting Scoutmaster Team as needed; may specify which
* Registers & does Adult Youth Protection Training online (OL)
* Very helpful: Basic Leader Training (see Program above); from
ASM’s you learn how to apply the Patrol Method and restrained,
judicious adult guidance
* Supp. Training:  Weather Hazards (OL), First Aid/CPR, Mentoring,
Trek Safely, Safe Swim Defense (OL), Safety Afloat (OL), Scoutcraft
Fun, Geocaching, , etc.
Communications Coordinator
*  Updates troop website as needed, esp. twice yearly officers &
patrols list; notifies troop of updates
* If computer-savvy Scout volunteers to be Webmaster, adult guides
* Updates & maintains email list serv and email forwarding
* Updates troop roster as needed & notifies troop
Tara C.

webmaster at
Troop Newsletter Editor
*  Solicits articles from Scouts & Adult Guides
* Distributes rough draft(s) to Committee & SM Team for content
check & editing
* Publishes 2 newsletters per year
* Coordinates distribution w/Communications person (roster) &
Outdoor/Activities Coordinator (calendar)
Tara C.

newslettereditor at
Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator
*  Develops and maintains up-to-date troop list of Merit Badge
* Makes sure counselors reapply every year to Council
Helen R.
Merit Badge Counselor
*  Selects badge(s) from list (see
* Keeps in touch with List Keeper (above) to avoid duplication
* Registers with Council, 2 forms:
* Adult Application (Use code 42 for mb couns. & other position if you
have one—MC Committee member, SA for Asst. Scoutmaster)
* Merit Badge Counselor Information form
* Takes Youth Protection and Merit Badge Counselor Training online
* Arranges w/SM when to teach a badge & how (class or individuals)
* Works w/Advancement Coordinator re: proper procedures (blue
cards, reporting completion)
Sign up with Helen R.
* Sews neckerchiefs & order hats as needed; stores these
Sandie S.
Data Recorder
*  Assists Advancement Coordinator
* Brings laptop to most troop meetings.
* Records Scouts’ progress on Troopmaster: leadership positions
completed, community service hours, miles hiked & biked, nights
camped, etc.; Scouts must bring signed book or statement to verify
all data before it is recorded.
Troop Dinner Coordinator
*  Reserves venue, tables, chairs, sound system; plans meal; purchases
supplies (paper products); recruits volunteers to prepare & serve
* Food & Decorations Team
* The Iron Grillmaster
* Camp Prep Program
Community Service Coordinator
*  Is sent info on all service opportunities first for vetting, before troop
is informed
* Researches requirements & safety of community service
opportunities offered to the troop
* Clears opportunities with Troop Committee
* Coordinates these events to ensure T93 & BSA policies observed
* Promotes community service through a Scout, usually Chaplain Aide
Popcorn Colonel/Kernel
*  Attends Council orientation in August
* Guides Scout-in-Charge in promoting sales, distribution,
recordkeeping & finances
* Oversees popcorn pickup in Salinas in November
* Reports each Scout’s profit to Treasurer to be credited to his
personal campership fund
Warren N.
Fundraising Organizer
*  Plans additional fundraiser(s) to help Scouts defray camp and other
* Presents plan to Committee & then to Council for approval
* Organizes time, place & event; communicates to Scout families
* Arranges for supervision of event, including money handling
* Tracks Scout earnings & reports to Treasurer
Court of Honor Refreshments
*  Arranges refreshments for 3 Courts of Honor per year
* Recruits bakers/bringers or purchases food (reimbursed)
* Recruits servers; supervises cleanup
* Maintains box of paper goods
Pamela & Ralph W.
Librarian Guide
*  Guides Troop Librarian to build & maintain troop library of updated
merit badge booklets & other advancement literature (PL
handbooks, special awards, etc.)
* Manages used uniforms collection & distribution
Sandie S.
Medical Forms Coordinator
*  Maintains up-to-date medical forms for Scouts & adults
* Gives forms to Chief Adult Guide of every outing for use in case of
emergency; keeps latest roster in front of binder
Michele N.
Camp Pico Blanco
Forms Coordinator
*  See “Other Summer Camp Coordinator” below
Annette D.
Other Camp
Forms Coordinator
*  Gives basic camp info to SPL so he can promote camp & create
signup sheet & promotional e-mail; keeps in touch with him
* Asks SPL to write a promotional article for troop newsletter; give him
basic info & reviews article before submission to Troop Newsletter
* Keeps in touch w/T93 Scouts & adults signed up for camp
* Learns specific camp’s procedures
* Duplicates camp forms & distributes to those signed up
* Serves as liaison between troop & camp personnel
* Fills out tour permit/file at Council office (include info on bus driver)
* Forms: collects & check for completion; compiles for adults to take
to camp   (Treasurer handles camp fees)
* Attends Camp Prep Dinner
Special Awards Coordinator
*  Promotes programs for Scouts earning religious awards, World
Conservation, Baden-Powell Patrol, etc.
An old saying goes, “Many hands make light work.”  Even then, some of the work still may not be light,
but we know that with willing hands pitching in, the work will be manageable.  And good parenting and
mentoring is extremely worthwhile work, isn’t it.